Ahorita is another word for ‘indefinite time’. It derives from the word ahora, which literally means: now. In Mexico, ‘ita’ (feminine) or ‘ito’ (masculine) is often placed after a word: this is used as a diminutive. Here it is important to be aware of the following rule: the more diminutives are being used, the more indefinite time will be. Ahorita has a lot of different meanings to express time. It may mean within two minutes, but it may also mean half a day, or (oh yes!) never.

How about the YA part in Ahorita YA? Ya also means ‘now’. Here I present to you the connection between Mexican culture and misunderstandings that may exist when you are a foreigner in Mexico, seen from a Dutch point of view. Literally, it thus says: now now. Because, when a Dutch person says ‘now’, he means to say and to do so. Many times in contrast to the acts of a Mexican person. This can lead to hilarious and frustrating moments, where I learn and through which I am able to guide (new) businesses and expats.

My name is Debbie Vorachen and I’m a Dutch Cultural Anthropologist (MA) specialised in Intercultural Communication, writer, tour guide and English/Spanish teacher.


Ahorita es otra palabra para ´tiempo indefinido´. Deriva de la palabra ahora, la cual literalmente significa: ahora mismo. En México, ´ita´ (femenino) o ´ito´ (masculino) muchas veces se coloca después de una palabra: esto se usa como un diminutivo. Aquí es importante tener en cuenta la siguiente regla: cuanto más diminutivos se utilicen, más indefinido será el tiempo. Ahorita tiene muchos significados diferentes para expresar el tiempo. Puede significar en dos minutos, medio día, o (¡oh sí!) nunca.

¿Qué hay de la parte YA en Ahorita YAYa también significa ´ahora´. Aquí les presento la conexión entre la cultura mexicana y los malentendidos que pueden existir cuando es extranjero en México, desde un punto de vista holandés. Literalmente dice entonces: ahora ahora. Porque cuando una persona holandesa dice ´ahora´, quiere decir ahora mismo. La mayoría de las veces esto va en contraste con los actos de una persona mexicana. Esto puede llegar a momentos divertidos y frustantes, con gran aprendizaje y en lo cual aprendo y a través de los cuales puedo guiar (nuevos) negocios y expatriados.

Mi nombre es Debbie Vorachen y soy antropóloga cultural (Maestría), holandesa especializada en comunicación intercultural, escritora, guía turística y profesora de inglés / español.

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Are you doing business in Mexico or are there a lot of international people in your team? Consider Ahorita YA’s cross cultural training. We also offer language courses (English and Spanish). A training includes a free needs assessment before the actual start of the training, and consultancy afterwards via Skype, email of telephone. Contact me for more information via ahoritaya@outlook.com

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Objectives of the training

Understand Mexican (business) culture
Understand different cultures of today’s world
Obtain knowledge about one’s own culture
Communicate confidently and more effectively with international contacts
Minimise misunderstandings and problems that come from intercultural communication
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Training program

Intercultural competence
One day (4-6 hours) session
Small groups – maximum 20 participants
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Benefits for your business

The training will help your team:
To promote effective communication
To encourage confidence
To break down cultural barriers
To motivate and to build trust
To learn about themselves
To open up their horizon


Ahorita YA also offers 1:1 business or personal sessions, ideal for people who would like to/are going to start a business or live in Mexico. As a Cultural Anthropologist specialised in Intercultural Communication (MA) I can help you to:

  • Deal with cultural differences at work and in everyday life
  • Assist you in doubts and questions about (living in) Mexico
  • Help you to set up your business in Mexico
  • Feel confident and comfortable in your new home

[all sessions are available in English, Spanish or Dutch]

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Ahorita YA also offers:

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We offer personal service and adjust all classes and material to your level. Self-study and personal classes available (in person or via Skype). First session is free! For more information: ahoritaya@outlook.com


Las classes de Español de Debbie: Great! Our group learned to speak basic Spanish in a couple of weeks because of the good material and teacher. Debbie taught us the language in a way that was very clear and relaxed.




I’m very pleased with the beginners course Spanish. In ten classes I achieved good basic knowledge of the language. Debbie uses a lot of daily practical examples in her exercises, like counting, the alphabet, shopping, traveling, clothing, etc. She also pays attention to correct grammar structures. Because of the fun exercises I remembered most of the things I learned. Thank you Debbie for the great classes!




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