The man and his car collection

Do you know that feeling when you walk past something and you feel that you saw something special, but you are too busy thinking about a million things to pay attention to it? It happened to me a while ago. We walked on a cozy street in my hometown in Mexico and something drew my attention. Shaking my head in order to wake up from my thoughts, I looked back. Actually, I took a few steps back.

There was a man sitting on a small wooden stool. When I stood still in front of him and curiously watched to see what was going on behind him, his big brown eyes looked up from his newspaper. He had large eyebrows that frowned, and I greeted him with a smile. Hola guerrita, he said. What can I help you with? I asked him if I could take a picture of the scenery that I was looking at, while I explained him that I am a writer. He smiled and got up from his stool. Well guerrita, if you give me a few pesos so I can continue my hobby, you can take as many pictures as you like and I will show you around.

This man! As old as he was, he was still very young in his way of speaking ánd negociating. I gave him some pesos and he lifted a metal chain that was placed knee high so we could pass. Pasa pasa, he said. I obeyed and followed him. What I had been looking at

The collection
The collection

from afar I could see very clear now: A garage full of old cars, tools and collectors items! Having a father, brother ánd a boyfriend who are all in love with cars, I was amused by this man who shared the same passion as my favorite men in life.

The man took off his hat and started pointing his walking stick at the pictures on the wall. There were numerous pictures and a story behind each one of them. I hope to go back there one day to hear more about all of them. His family had strong connections with the Catholic church and because of that, he had been able to travel to many places not only in Latin America, but also in Europe. As a European I was thrilled when I saw some English and German old-timers. He even had a car that I had only seen in movies: a BMW Isetta – one of the few cars (or the only one) who has just one door to get in that opens via the front of the car (!).Opening this door you actually lift the steering wheel with the door. Wow!

We strolled around a little more and I was absolutely touched by the story of this special collector and all the items we saw. Streetname signs, cars, motors, tools, old timer children’s cars, toys… He even claimed to have the smallest car in the world! As you can see on the picture, it is indeed a very small one.

'World's smallest car'
‘World’s smallest car’

Unfortunately, we had to leave due to some obligations later on that day. I personally gave him some more pesos to continue his hobby, because I was so thrilled that someone was so passionate about something ánd willing to share his passion with others. When we walked back later that day we passed a closed garage door. No signs of such a special collection at all. I wonder how many people passed by, not knowing what was there – or maybe just not noticing, too busy with their own thoughts…


Do you know such a special person in Mexico, with a special hobby or collection? Let me know, so Ahorita YA can write about it!



© 2015 by Debbie Vorachen – Ahorita YA. All rights reserved.
Photos © 2015 by Debbie Vorachen – Ahorita YA. All rights reserved.




7 thoughts on “The man and his car collection

  1. My wife came across this post while researching expats living in Mexico. This is my maternal uncle Norberto! I am first generation Mexican American and my wife and I are thinking of moving to Mexico, so she was researching. Thank you for your post.

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    1. Wow Joel – I’m impressed. It’s amazing that you’ve found my post and I’m glad you liked it. I actually wanted to get some more in-depth information, so it’s very funny that you ran into my Blog. Thank you so much for reacting to the post. Saludos desde México, Debbie


      1. Debbie, my mom and dad moved to Chicago back in the early 60s. I was born in Chicago, but we would spend all our childhood summers in Pachuca. where my extended family lives. Norberto is my mom’s youngest brother. I was just there last year and visited him. I’m hoping to go back this year to visit.

        Let me know if you want more info on mi tio Norberto and his collection. 🙂


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      2. Muchas gracias Joel! Thank you so much, that’s an amazing story. I’m still impressed by this coincidence. I might use your offer sometime, if you don’t mind 🙂 Have a great day! Saludos, Debbie


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