Taxco and a paradise called ‘Las Estacas’

Spring is in the air! A while ago, we made a road trip to the states of Guerrero and Morelos. On the route we took, one can find many balnearios or swimming paradises. To begin with, we ended up in Taxco, the city of silver. This small city build upon steep hills can be found in the state of Guerrero.

In an easy pace I climb the stairs which is decorated with tiles. A small alley covered with colourful flowers leads to another stairs. Last

Stairs in Taxco
Stairs in Taxco

night, a restaurant near the hotel took my attention, and I want to know whether they are already open for breakfast. It is still early; the streets are quiet and empty. My legs feel heavy because of the steep streets. When I arrive at the restaurant I enter the door and I am welcomed by the smell of food and a waiter, who tells me about the overpriced breakfast that will start in half an hour. In half an hour, we will already be on our way to Las Estacas – what should be a natural swimming paradise.

I step outside again and fill my lungs with fresh morning air. While I walk back to the hotel, an old man who sits on a few doorsteps is observing me. He smiles; and I smile back. Buenos días güerita – good morning white lady/girl. This is no offence; it is a common way of greeting a person that has a skin lighter than that of an average Mexican. It’s a polite man, especially in contrast to the so-called guide who took us down a 1000 steps in the city to show us an expensive hotel room the night before.

Taxco views
Taxco views

Back at the hotel, we decide to have breakfast along the road. Just before we drive out of town, we see a tiny restaurant that seems to have pretty views over the city. Happy to have found a good place to eat, we get out of the car and take a seat on the balcony. The views are stunning: Taxco is a beautiful village and if you like silver, it’s the place to be. Normally you will find many colourful houses in Mexican villages and cities, but in Taxco nearly all buildings are white. After breakfast, we say goodbye to its steep roads and head towards Las Estacas.

During the trip we stop at a gas station. While our tank is being filled, an old woman walks towards us. She is selling atrapa novios; translated as ‘catch your boyfriend’ – A braided small tube where girls once caught their loved one with. My boyfriend buys me one and of course I immediately catch him. This makes the lady smile. Qué les vaya bien, qué Dios les bendiga – May you be fine, may God bless you, a saying that is often used in Mexico to say goodbye. Some villagers help us to find the road to Las Estacas, they are very kind and in no time we are back on track. Every fifteen minutes the landscape seems to change, from dry and lowlands to palm trees and mountains. Mexico, lindo y querido, you are beautiful!

Finally, after two hours, we notice a lot of trees in the distance – this has to be Las Estacas. The waterpark claims to be environmental friendly and it looks like its true. It is very well maintained and visitors swim in water of a crystal clear river filled with all kinds of fish. The park is clean and the staff makes sure that nobody harms its nature. It is beautifully decorated with lush, green gardens and tropical plants. We have a wonderful day, ending with a delicious meal. The warmth of the jungle (that’s what this place looks like) is enchanting and nice – as a warm blanket on a cold day in the winter.

Las Estacas - a true paradise
Las Estacas – a true paradise

In the end it is time to drive back to our hometown. Without any navigation, we start the five to six hours ride north. Las Estacas is a beautiful park that is blossoming during spring. If you are looking for a day off, go ahead and explore it yourself!

Jungle in Las Estacas
Jungle in Las Estacas




© 2016 by Debbie – AHORITA YA. All Rights Reserved.
Photos © 2016 by Debbie – AHORITA YA. All Rights Reserved.


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