A wonderful stay in Tepoztlán

Here I am, sitting in the comforting morning sun while birds are singing all around me and fresh air fills my lungs. The variety of trees and flowers is, as always in the State of Morelos, amazingly beautiful. The dramatic scenery of mountains that changes color every ten minutes or so in the morning light is inspiring. Breakfast is almost ready and due to the lovely climate, we are able to eat outside.

Waiting for breakfast and writing

It’s lovely too be here. I’m at Casa Isabella, the second most romantic hotel (as they say) in Mexico. And romantic it is indeed. We arrived by car after driving to the magical village of Tepoztlán. It looks like a road that leads to nowhere, and then you turn into a narrow road in the countryside that leads you to the beautifully decorated entry gate of the hotel, where we were welcomed by the lovely staff who were all very helpful and friendly during our stay.

The room we stayed in, the Master Suite Café, was absolutely amazing. It has a lot of privacy and although there is no balcony, the huge room with a bathtub offering stunning views out of the window make up for that. If you are looking for a place to relax and to be on a romantic tour, you should definitely choose for Casa Isabella. The lush gardens of the hotel are spacious. and so is the pool. No wonder this hotel has the best rate on TripAdvisor in Tepoztlán! Every corner of the hotel seems to have its own romantic space.

Master Suite Café

Tepoztlán is considered to be one of Mexico’s many Pueblos Mágicos – magical villages. And this is a magical village indeed. It’s narrow, old and steep streets offer views to the surrounding mountains. During the day, the streets fill up with little stalls where people offer all kinds of handmade crafts, from jewellery to home decoration. The main square is home to a market where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, or eat something typically Mexican in one of the stalls. If you’re visiting this place, make sure you explore each part of the tiny center as there is an amazingly beautiful wall decorated with seeds and corn, showing a pre-colonial Mexican scene. The wall is the entrance gate to the centuries old church, which is also worth a visit. Make sure to behave properly as people might be praying or attending a mass.

Part of the handmade wall in Tepoztlán

If you are looking for a place to stay close to Cuernavaca, the capital city of the State of Morelos, and you like nature and quietness, make sure to visit Tepoztlán and to stay in one of Mexico’s most romantic boutique hotels, Casa Isabella.




Stunning views from Master Suite Café, Casa Isabella
A dip into the refreshing swimming pool, Casa Isabella


For more information, visit http://www.casaisabellaspa.com.
To make a reservation, click here: http://www.casaisabellaspa.com/reservaciones.php.


© 2017 by Debbie Vorachen – AHORITA YA. All Rights Reserved.
Photos © 2017 by Debbie Vorachen – AHORITA YA. All Rights Reserved.


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