Ahorita is another word for ‘indefinite time’. It derives from the word ahora, which literally means: now. Mexican people tend to use ‘ita’ (feminine) or ‘ito’ (masculine) after a word: this is used as a diminutive. In Mexico, it’s important to be aware of the following rule: the more diminutives are being used, the more indefinite time will be. Ahorita has a lot of different meanings to express time. It may mean within two minutes, but it may also mean half a day, or (oh yes!) never.

How about the YA part in Ahorita YA? Ya also means ‘now’. Here I present to you the connection between Mexican culture and misunderstandings that may exist when you are a foreigner in Mexico, seen from a Dutch point of view. Literally, it thus says: now now. Because, when a Dutch person says ‘now’, he means to say and to do so. Many times in contrast to the acts of a Mexican. This can lead to hilarious and frustrating moments, where I learn and am able to guide (new) businesses and expats.

My name is Debbie Vorachen and I’m a Dutch Cultural Anthropologist (MA) specialised in Intercultural Communication, writer, tour guide and English/Spanish teacher.