Debbie teaches Spanish in a creative and enthusiastic way. You learn a lot in her classes, which are a lot of fun because of the variety. She provides personal teaching, adjusts the class to the level of her students and provides good material. A Spanish class from Debbie is worth every penny! Debbie thank you and I hope to see you again sometime!



I’m very pleased with the beginners course Spanish. In ten classes I achieved good basic knowledge of the language. Debbie uses a lot of daily practical examples in her exercises, like counting, the alphabet, shopping, traveling, clothing, etc. She also pays attention to correct grammar structures. Because of the fun exercises I remembered most of the things I learned. Thank you Debbie for the great classes!



Our Spanish class was a lot of fun. We had a great group and Debbie’s class was good. I learned basic Spanish and even remember something after a year or so. I’d do it again!



I learned a lot during the basic Spanish classes. What I particularly liked was the unconventional way of teaching. The combination of daily life examples and how we had to interact with one another a group helped me in learning the language. It was a great group and a very relaxed way to learn.


Las classes de Español de Debbie: Great! Our group learned to speak basic Spanish in a couple of weeks because of the good material and teacher. Debbie taught us the language in a way that was very clear and relaxed.