Wether you are moving to, or living in, or just interested in living in Mexico, What the Mexpat is a great read. Debbie’s writing is easy to read despite the fact that she is an anthropologist. Her Dutch background and roots, the choices she made and the experiences she went through, make this book pleasant, interesting and even self-reflecting on your own life and choices! In short: I recommend this book and it is still available at Amazon!



I’m very pleased with the beginners course Spanish. In ten classes I achieved good basic knowledge of the language. Debbie uses a lot of daily practical examples in her exercises, like counting, the alphabet, shopping, traveling, clothing, etc. She also pays attention to correct grammar structures. Because of the fun exercises I remembered most of the things I learned. Thank you Debbie for the great classes!


I highly recommend “What the Mexpat” to anyone who is planning on living or working in Mexico. The book is an excellent resource for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of Mexican culture and navigate their new surroundings with ease. With its engaging writing style, comprehensive coverage, and insightful perspective, “What the Mexpat” is a must-read for anyone interested in learning more about this fascinating country and its people.


‘What the Mexpat’ is a very useful and entertaining look at what an expat needs to know to be in, and therefore a part of the welcoming Mexican culture. It is also funny and upbeat, with a quiz at the end. The book will spare the expat confusing or embarrassing moments because you will learn what is customary in Mexican culture- from answering the phone, to birthday parties and gift-giving at holidays. There are also some fascinating historical insights included. Highly recommended if you plan to make Mexico your home.


Move to Mexico a great book about moving to and living in Mexico! I love how the author included so many strange little things about Mexican culture that people don’t think to tell you (like how “ahorita” can mean “in a little bit” or “never”)! I think it’s a must-read for anyone considering a move to Mexico, or who has recently moved there. Even if you’ve been there for years, it’s entertaining – there’s so many places where I laughed while reading and said “oh my god she’s right!”