Maybe it will come to mind when you think about Mexico: men wearing a sombrero, mode of transportation: a horse. Believe it or not, this is partly true! Here I am talking about villages, in big cities it’s not very common to encounter scenes like this.

Typical scenery in a village

When I first saw such a scene I had to blink my eyes twice. Slowly we were touring through the countryside. In Mexico, slowly means at your own pace. Even though the traffic signs say your speed limit should be 80, you may drive 30. This is great, except for moments when it creates dangerous situations. Many times we drive on 80-roads and suddenly we nearly have to stop the car because someone else decided to slow down to 30 km per hour. At times, this is a necessity, when a vehicle is too old or has too many defects.

So, we were driving through the countryside when we were overtaken by two men riding a horse! With a sombrero. And a mustache! Well hello clichés, you still exist. Later we arrived in a villages and we saw the two horses ‘parked’ alongside a car. It was like being in a movie. The horses were well taken care of, like the way in which my dad polishes his car. Which is very well (for those who do not know my father).

Besides traveling by horse, horses are being transported themselves as well. Depending the person you encounter who is transporting this noble animal, this perfectly fits in the image of ‘culture shock’ Netherlands (or any other country) vs. Mexico. Of course there are luxury trailers, but when driving in remote areas as we did during the day I am writing about, you will probably see the following.

Thanks to Sebastiaan van der Starre
Thanks to Sebastiaan van der Starre

For a while I was back in the Netherlands and every time I saw a brand new trailer with horses I had to smile. What a difference! And apparently both ways are suitable.

Besides a way of traveling, horses are also ‘used’ as a way of recreation, just as in the Netherlands. At a fair or a campsite you may encounter pony’s ready for a short ride. In Mexico you will find huge horses! Not only children but also adults are able to use this way of recreation. And oh, I eagerly did. Finally I was able to ride a horse!

In Isla Holbox

Would you dare a ride?

Eindelijk, paardrijden!










© 2015 by Debbie Vorachen – Ahorita YA. All rights reserved.
 Photos © 2015 by Debbie Vorachen – Ahorita YA. All rights reserved.



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